Code of Ethics

Gathering Information

As journalists, we must be the ones who are informed on the topic. We will always verify information before publishing and collect all possible sources information we can on a topic. We will strive to always be transparent and disclose when we conduct interviews or gather information for an article. We will maintain impartiality by avoiding compensation based on the inclusion of certain information in favor of an opinion, person, or choice. We will always strive to give context for the information we share, in the interest of ensuring our readers understand the pieces that we write.

Writing Articles

As journalists, we will be respectful in writing about all viewpoints, and will not diminish or fail to fully represent a side. When writing articles we will strive to avoid bias. When presenting information concerning multiple parties or sides, we will fairly represent each side. We will carefully chose our words, both in avoid profanity, slang, or other insensitive language as well as in striving to most effectively capture the stories that we pursue. We will use simple and effective language to meet the needs of our readers.

Journalist Duties

As journalists we will be held accountable for our articles, for being informed on our topic, and for answering any questions to the best of our ability. We will work within the requests and restrictions of teachers and administrators to every possible extent, excepting that such requests run contrary to truth or diminish the importance of our work or the needs of the students. We will strive to give a voice to the voiceless and work to elevate diverse opinions and views. We will stand up for the truth and keep the people informed. We will demonstrate discipline, honesty and loyalty in the pursuit of our purpose as journalists.


These keystones for ethical behavior were created collaboratively by Batavia High School journalism students in order to represent the goals and guidelines by which they will mark their path serving the Batavia community.

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Code of Ethics