Men’s JV Soccer

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Men’s JV Soccer

Mckenna Bowman & Hali Maynes

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September 12th 2019 as the Boy’s JV soccer team takes a loss against Roger Bacon. With the game ending at 1-2, with an intense feeling in the air the boys were desperate to win or at least end with a draw. Here’s the throw down, with an easy start, and an intense ending. 

The game started off breezy with a simple kick to start the game off, everyone was pumped and ready to go. Kicking off with number 26, 25, 32, and 22 the timer begins, as does the game. As the people in the stands watched intently as Spartans took off with the ball heading straight to our goal making passes here and there, with no one to block them but the keeper number 12 took his shot and made a goal for the Spartans making the score 0-1. After a few more attempts on green and a missed goal ending the first half.

Heading back into the game with the score at 0-1 the Spartans in the lead, Batavia started getting anxious, especially once a player for the Spartans number 11 made their second goal on greenkeeper Cy Gibson. After some play the green keep gets toppled by two Spartans players, resulting in him being benched with injury. With the game getting more tense at every tick of the clock Batavia number 31 makes a goal on the Spartans gaining some hope for at least a tie. But with no luck the timer runs out and the whistle blows, with the score now at 1-2 and a close loss for Batavia. 

Talking to Cy Gibson and Collin Moeller two jv soccer players for Batavia Highschool we found they had different perspectives on what the highlights of the game were. “I found it interesting how hard we were trying in the last few minutes to win” Said Moller when asked what his version of the games highlight to him. Where as Gibsons highlight was about his own playing. “I had several diving saves and a 70 yard punt” Said Gibson when giving his perspective. 

When asked what he expected going into the game fellow batavia jv player said “When I was going into the game I thought the other team was going to be a lot faster than we were because of what some of the varsity players told me.” While Berger was nervous Gibson was ready “I felt calm, because I warmed up great and I was in the zone.” said Gibson telling us about how he felt before the game. 

After the game Berger, Moeller, and Gibson told us how they felt. “After the loss I felt like we could have won the game or at least tied if we just finished better” Berger informed us. Following up Berger, “Depressed because we would have to face punishment for loss” said Moeller. “Disappointed because I felt I could have done more even after the injury” Cy shared, feeling almost the same as Moeller. 

The Batavia team was upset and they all had a disappointed look on their face, they thought this would be a win. When we asked the boys if there was anything they wished they had done differently Berger answered, “If there was one thing I wish I did different it would be marking the man at the eighteen. I should’ve trusted my teammates more to cover the space and just marked the man up, considering that my soccer knowledge isn’t the best I realized now that I should have been listening to my teammates who have been playing longer than me.”  

The boys practice every single day except game days and weekends. The hours of their practice vary, they are constantly looking for ways to better their team. The boy’s all have a close friendship and they work well together, that’s always easier when the team gets along.