The Transition

Middle school to High school


Danielle Duffey

As another school year comes on for Batavia High School, and we’d like to welcome a previous Middle school teacher Matt Archibald. Archibald is joining the high school campus after working at the middle school for 6  years. Being my previous 8th grade US history teacher I can say Archibald has a heart for teaching and casting information onto his students. 

Archibald and his second job being a hairstylist
Archibald’s always up to making learning fun

   As I sit down for an interview with Archibald to get the inside of any reason possible for coming to the high school, you can see he is very passionate in his answers and very passionate about his job. As I talked about the move up to the High school Archibald says “It was fun and wasn’t difficult” and he talks about the transition being easy and not stressful. With a totally different environment than the middle school Archibald states “Yes the environment is different there is a lot less hand holding than the middle school and a lot more freedom at the highschool” Archibald also states that not only himself but other teachers see the students here at the highschool as “young adults in training.” As the interview went on Archibald says he really likes that he can trust his students till they give him a solid reason not to trust them. 

     Archibald say all his classes are very functional and hard working students. He also states “I can tell them to do something and they’ll do it without any student causing trouble, or be disruptive.” One main question I asked Mr.Archibald is if he prefers the Middle or High School and you could see a slight hesitation in the answering from Archibald. Archibald states that there are benefits to both, but he loved his time at the middle school. Archibald also states  academically he loves the fact that he gets to challenge not only his students but himself to a whole new degree at the high school. Also academically it’s much more “intellectually stimulating field” stated by Archibald himself. 

     As a former student of Mr.Archibald world history class in 8th grade I know the standards in his class are usually high, just because he wants every one of his students to succeed. Now that he’s a high school teacher I was wondering if his standards are the same or if they are higher. Archibald states “I expect more out of my high school students, but I do so in the amount of the proportion of maturity they’ve received.” Archibald also states “No I don’t expect college level material from 10 grade world history students, but I do expect they are more responsible now.” As I carried on the interview Archibald really talks about how all his students have learned how to balance time now they are high school students, also that they have learned to really crack down on their own grades and studies. 

     Balancing time is such a struggle for any high school student. You have to balance, school work, homework, grades, any extracurricular activities you may or may not be in. overall high school is a very stressful time, for both teachers and students. Archibald states that after your freshman year you should have a good grasp and understanding on how to balance their time effectively. 

    As the interview comes to a close Archibald states he has a preferred level stating “It’s easier to communicate with high schools because he doesn’t have to worry about confusing them with terminology, but life talks are easier with middle schoolers, because high schoolers tend to keep a guard up.” As the interview came to a final close Archibald makes it clear he does hold a connection with the middle school, but the high school is his new go to for a career and that he enjoys it.

     I would like to give a special thank you to Mr.Archibald for being such an amazing teacher and making an impact on my life forever, and an additional thank you for allowing me to make this interview possible.