Blink Cincinnati 2019

Lighting up the streets of Cincy

Koren Moore-Runck


Starting on Oct 10-14 the city of Cincinnati is throwing a special event honoring the arts and creative mindset of the people in Cincinnati.

Blink is an event that is themed around the arts and creativity of the minds of people in Cincinnati, they cover buildings and other large scale places with a motion light show having different films through lights and shapes.

The first night of Blink was last night and it was amazing, the city was filled to the max with people observing the lights and people painting new murals on the walls giving life to the old falling down sides of buildings.

To start of the first day of Blink, there is a parade that gives opportunity to schools to march in the parade. Our Batavia Marching band was able to be apart of this and they marched. The band was covered in lights, even putting lights and glow sticks on their instruments to add with the light show effect.

If you have an opportunity to go out and view the light show this year  I would 100 percent recommend it. Spanning more than 30 city blocks across two cities with more than 100 installations, the festival is the largest light, art and culture event of its kind in the nation, the event also offers music, food trucks and many other ways to have fun and create memories.

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