Fifth Bell Changes Bring Challenges, Benefits


Kaleb Stump

A two hour lunch bell?! Few students expected an even bigger block of time in the middle of the day, but with larger numbers come new plans for accommodating them.

Batavia High School has experienced a recent spike in student growth, which as lead to changes in many previously routine parts of the school. For example, while many seniors used to feel like they ruled the halls of the school, the pure size of freshmen is increasingly tipping the scales. Many juniors and seniors choose to attend the Oaks technical schools or move to CCP classes, so the upperclassmen are finding themselves increasingly outnumbered by large groups of freshmen. The freshman are taking over! But these changes are doing more than just shifting class balances; another example of the changing times is the lunch schedule.

BHS previously has three lunches, meaning each lunch had about a third of the school. But with the extra people comes limited cafeteria space, so the everyday advisory was born. The way that the lunches are broken up now is in four blocks, A,B,C, and D.

Due to the required thirty minute lunch time for students, it has always been necessary to have extended time in the middle of the day. Previously, some students would express frustration at having a slightly extended class with the same teacher, particularly if the relationship between that student and their teacher is already strained. However, with the added advisory time tied to the same fifth bell block, students are now facing down a ninety minute block with the same teachers and classmates.

Many students who were aware of this change last year were concerned, including many rising seniors. However, the advisory class has evolved into more of a study hall, giving students the opportunity to do homework or even to rest during the day. While students do still have to cope with being around a group of people they aren’t necessarily friends with for a large block of time, the trade off is for smaller lunches and more time to do work.

So in the end this lunch crisis wasn’t really a crisis at all. The two hour bell has its challenges, but the benefits way outweigh the negatives.