Girls Soccer Wins Against Wilmington

Tiffani Burke

The girls soccer team won against Wilmington in a recent hard-fought game at Batavia High School.

Wilmington pulled ahead with an early score, but even after Wilmington scored green still kept their heads up. The game wasn’t over yet they were still in it. At 25 minutes and 32 seconds left in the first half green scored. The ball just skimmed the goalies hand going into the goal.

Alyssa Brookbank, a freshman on the soccer team, was thrilled to score 1 of 5 goals for the Bulldogs. “I was just happy that we scored. I was not looking forward to losing the game,” said Brookbank, a smile on her face.

Sarah Menke, a starter on the JV soccer team, shared her routine before a soccer game. “I just stretch and listen to the music we play and it gets me ready to go,” Menke said with an enthusiastic nod.