High Schoolers Share Their BHS Style Guides

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High Schoolers Share Their BHS Style Guides

Emily Sears

Style changes…we all know that, but can it change not just from decade to decade, but from year to year?

I interviewed a sophomore, junior, and senior both male and female to describe to me how their style has changed throughout the years, and others styles around them. 

The girls all said that they were dressed in one of two ways, either casual or comfy. The boys didn’t quite say the same thing. They said that they either dressed preppy or athletic and there was no in-between. Both males and females described their freshman year as a year of trying hard to stay current with fashion trends, most were very fast to say so too. Senior Miranda Holmes even said that her style was “wack.”

When sophomores, juniors, and seniors were all asked how a freshman boy dressed they all said something along the lines of “basic, neon, athletic, and preppy.” When asked about a freshman girls style they said “preppy, tryhard, and basic.”

When asked about this schools style compared to any other schools style I got mixed reviews–let’s break it down. Sophomores were critical of our style as a school, suggesting that we are too restricted. Seniors, on the other hand, were more dismissive, with most suggesting that students simply do not care–that BHS might not be the best, but weren’t the worst either. Juniors were divided: some reported that we have diverse styles, but others labelled the whole school as unfashionable. It seems that as upperclassmen become busier and more focused on other things, their investment in appearing fashionable seems to be less and less as well. 

Each grade, regardless of their opinion of the school as a whole, had some opinions on “fashion don’ts” to help out with BHS style. Sophomore Nate Combs said Birkenstock sandals with “booty shorts” should be axed, and sophomore Kyra Musselman wished that more people would wear a belt when they need one. Junior Issac Hattar said that he hates when boys wear multiple scrunchies, and Junior Koren Moore-Runk said she disliked when girls wear crop tops. Senior Addison Thompson and Miranda Holmes both pointed tot he same mixed fashion statement, when they criticized wearing cowboy boots with sweatpants or athletic shorts. With a few tweaks, perhaps BHS students could take their style to a new level.