Sophomore Kayden Selm Optimistic About Football

Nathan Combs

Tonight’s game against Williamsburg has everyone excited and especially Batavia fans being they have gone four years with beating the Wildcats. They will definitely be trying and keep the streak going. In today’s matchup Batavia vs Williamsburg, it’s looking very bright for Batavia despite the 5 injuries that were holding some kids back. Yet, according to sophomore Kayden Selm this game isn’t the biggest of their worries.

For Selm he is looking up to being on the field tonight, as there is a new turf. But being a new field comes with pros and cons. A con is the turf burns, since there is turf now sliding hard on it may cause burns that will affect their playing. A pro is that there is better traction for the players so now they are able to have the ability to cut up field harder and faster.

To return to the subject of injuries, Batavia has 5 players that are hurt right now or have just come off the injured list so it will be interesting to see how some of the players perform. To Selm, the injuries won’t even matter because Williamsburg isn’t even their biggest threat. Last season, Clinton Massie dealt the Bulldogs a serious defeat, so Selm said they are most nervous to face this rematch game.

The freshmen are also very excited to play tonight being its their first high school Burg game. As Selm says “There are some real talents this year and most of them play defense, it’ll be interesting to see how they play.” This game has been very anticipated by both teams, a lot of tension and wait, and tonight its finally here “Were very strong compared to them” says Selm. For the seniors this game is also a big one, a win could give them bragging rights about going 5 – 0 against them. 

Either way the future looks bright for the new Batavia team, new field, new players, new excitements.