Moving Beyond Beef with ‘Burg

Moving Beyond Beef with 'Burg

Koren Moore-Runck , Sports Editor

Williamsburg High School is a school 5 miles down the road of our entrance to 1 Bulldog Place. Since the schools are located so close the competition and taste for victory is high. Since the start of both schools we have always been intense for winning. No matter what game from football to basketball and all other sports when the game against WHS comes around the community around joins in for the hopeful victory for BHS.

More than just friendly competition

Batavia High School and the community around the school has so much support for our school athletics. Since the start of both schools going head to head there has always been a lot of back-and-forth which instigate conflict and inflames each team.

There has always been tension associated with the rivalry, with students and fans going back and forth in their jabs about everything from old history of who has won the most to ongoing events at each school Unfortunately, there have also been personal attacks in the past.

This year has proved to be no different, as students on Twitter, including football players, have been involved in verbal fights. Some of the exchanges go beyond just a competitive spirit and could really jeopardize players’ spots on the teams. This conflict has included cheerleaders, participants in the student section, and other members of each community. This tension came to a head when a football players at Williamsburg made a death threat.

What do students have to say about the rivalry?

I had the opportunity to speak with some of the members of BHS who were involved with the drama. Jaden Watts is a Sophomore at BHS, she has been active in cheering for her school since seventh grade. Watts criticizes those involved. “The drama is taken out of hand…and is making both schools look childish and pathetic” Watts said. According to Watts, the way people are handling and talking about each other is making both schools look like we are only in it for the drama and not serious about playing the game. “I have made new friends from WHS from the drama, and now we just laugh about it,” Watts added.

Senior varsity cheerleader Miranda Holmes has been attending BHS since kindergarten, though this year is her first year participating in high school cheer. When asked if the rivalry is being taken out of hand, Holmes believed that it was. “People are overreacting and causing many issues with attempting to damage property, and being disrespectful,” Holmes said. Holmes was concerned about the image that these unhealthy rivalries create for the school. “People are going to think that our school is only about starting drama and the truth is we just want to have a fun game,” Holmes said.

The future of the rivalry

Batavia High School and Williamsburg High School might always have a competitive wedge between each other. Both schools are in such a close location, that rivalries and comparisons might never end. However, hopefully over the next few years the Batavia and Williamsburg communities can focus on friendly side of their interactions and avoid affecting people in negative ways.

In the end the game itself was very intense, as both teams tried their hardest. BHS unfortunately took the loss of a 5 year streak to WHS with a final score of 13 to 14, perhaps proving that rivalries aren’t worth holding onto too tightly after all.