Switching Classes

Abbi Jayne Huhn

At Batavia High School, many students from ninth to twelfth grade have switch one or more classes. Asking two students both freshman and a student counselor, you can read to see what it’s like to switch classes.

We asked Hali Maynes, a freshman, what the hardest part about switching her classes was. ”Having to find available classes to switch into” was the hardest part she said. We also asked Nathan Kulbe the same question. He said, ”Meeting the new teachers and all the people in the classes.”

While switching classes can have a positive impact on your future, switching classes can have some negative impacts. If you switching out of certain classes you might not get the credits that you need and won’t be able to graduate until then. Some students also switch out of classes to be with their friends, not for their needs.

Because of this, many students might start to fail, and won’t pass the grade. Some positive reasons to switch out of classes is to be able to earn your credits, so you can graduate high school. Switching classes can also let you challenge yourself by moving to honors or move to AP or CP.

We asked Kulbe what his friends thought about the situation. “They were sad but now they are happy because I’m in better classes.” Lots of people switch classes to be with their friends, but you should switch classes for your needs and not your wants. Having good grades is a need, not a want.

In the big high school, switching classes can be a maze especially to lower classmen who have not seen where all the classrooms are. This can cause you to be late and throw you off track, but on the other hand, it can make your schedule easier.

But that could be their problem from the very beginning, your classes might be so far from each other you won’t be able to make it to class on time every time so you might change it to be able to get to class on time and be able to learn and work better since you won’t be stressing to get to class.

We asked Maynes if it was hard to adjust to your schedule. “Not really because it was just around the corner.”

”No, just because it was my first period,” said Kulbe. Switching classes can also make things really awkward and possibly harder for you to learn.

Depending on when you switch your class you might be behind, sometimes you can’t move into new classes if they are full. “Having to find available classes to switch into,” said Maynes.

Switching classes is becoming more and more popular as more and more friends don’t have classes together. If you don’t take it easy and only use this when we want to we might not be able to switch classes again, or at least for a while.