IT Chapter 2: Review


Sophie Fauris and Haley Daugherty

                                                                                                            It Chapter Two


     On Thursday September 5th, 2019, we travelled to the Pierce Point movie theatre in Amelia to see an advance screening of IT Chapter Two. We stayed for the entire run time of two hours and 50 minutes, and commented throughout to one another on what we thought on the scenes and characters. Due to seeing the first part of the story, we were able to easily follow along, recognizing characters and personalities as well as having adequate backstory.  

     IT has been a legendary film since released first in 1990 in a two night tv series. It had over 30 million TV viewers. Critics were amazed by the story line and the performance of Tim Curry as Pennywise. Then after being remade in 2017, it resparked the love for the miniseries. Now in 2019 the sequel has come out, and with the kids back as adults too fight the final fight against Pennywise. The movie and storyline were executed so well.

     For the entire runtime of this movie, we were glued to our seats. The first portion of this ‘series’ has been one of my favorite movies since it came out in 2017, so topping the first movie was going to pose a challenge, I didnt even think it was possible. The second addition indeed proved us both wrong. To begin with the genre, the new IT was significantly more scary than the prior movie that was released in 2017. With the adult casting being almost spot on look alikes of what the original kids would look like when they got older, and how the actors learned mannerisms and were able to act like how the kids acted in the original was magnificent. It was shocking to see how accurate these characters were portrayed. The plot was very enticing, it lacked  dull/ boring moment, even during the beginning scenes, you automatically knew that this movie was going to be thrilling. Containing scenes that made you laugh, made you scream, and even made you cry, the movie had everything you could’ve asked for wrapped up in a nice little bow.

                 Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed this film, containing all of the necessary plot point (and more), capturing the emotions of the audience, all of these points contributed to why the movie was so well done. For having almost three hours of runtime, you’d expect the story to get a little slow at parts, or to have to wait for the buildup, but this wasn’t the case. It is very uncommon to find the second part of a movie to be better than the first, but this movie defies those norms, in our opinions anyway. This movie is highly recommended if you love the horror genre, want a good scream, or just want to enjoy a good plot line with incredible characters; it’s definitely worth the watch.