Re-Do Day Returns for Batavia High School Sophomores

Students from across the Sophomore class came together for a chance to Re-Do some of their choices.

Students from across the Sophomore class came together for a chance to Re-Do some of their choices.

Linda Presley

For the second year in a row, students from the 10th grade class participated in “Re-do Day” as part of the school’s effort to combat bullying and build a better environment for students to connect to one another. Last year was the first time Sophomores from Batavia participated in Re-Do Day. Last year students were hesitant in the beginning, but began to open up more to the idea.

This year, Re-Do Day was presented to the Sophomore class of Batavia in advisory on the Wednesday before the actual day. Students were asked to take a survey and then watch a video. The main event took place throughout the day on Tuesday, October 23rd.

The main focus of Re-Do Day is to help students understand how to relate to and respect their peers. Mrs. Poling, one of the guidance counselors that made it all happen said “We think bullying is a problem everywhere, not just in school but, it does continue and make its way into our lives at school.” Though Batavia High School does focus on attempting to prevent and address bullying and keep a large portion of it under control, it remains a relevant concern for any school. Bullying can take on many different forms such as online, discrimination, rumors, and just flat out name calling and physical abuse.

Sophomore students started the day off in their first periods for attendance and then headed to the gym. Students did many activities throughout the day. For example, students played games like sitting on the floor and playing volleyball as the teachers stood on the side lines and helped.

A group of students participate in Re-Do Day at another school district.

Students were also put into groups with 6 or 7 other students and one person of administration. The activities were different throughout the day, but one students enjoyed the most was when they were asked to line up and step over the line if they have experienced one of a number of challenging experiences. This event was based around stopping bullying and getting students to recognize how their actions affect one another.

Many students have stated their opinions and few of them fully expected what came out of this day. Most notably, students stated that it did change their perspectives and it opened many eyes. One common sentiment was that the day forced them to leave their comfort zone, but in a way that was good for them overall. Although most students participated, some didn’t. “I don’t want to share or tell other people about my emotions” said Danielle Duffey, echoing the feelings of some students about the vulnerability expressed during the day. Though the impact differs, most students who participated openly said they didn’t regret it. The teachers also think it opened their eyes as well, and even they took part in apologizing and participated just as much as the students had.

This day was described by outsiders as tear jerking, as many students cried during the event. At the end of the day, eyes were opened, tears fell from many, and people hopefully now feel more understood and acknowledged. Batavia High School does plan to keep Re-Do Day going for more future Sophomore classes.