Passionate Students Raise Money for Breast Cancer


The volleyball team decked out in pink after the game.

Lexi Scales , Author

On October 6th, members of Batavia soccer and volleyball raised money for breast cancer awareness and generated profits that will go to research for breast cancer. The volleyball team came together to sell t-shirts and both the soccer and volleyball team held a silent auction, with baskets, coupons, and other prizes. Kick for the Cure is an event that Batavia High School holds each year. Taylor Decker and Chloe Tippens, two members of the JV volleyball team, expressed their excitement for the special game. “It was very encouraging and they played for the cure,” Tippens said. Decker added that, “Taking what I love to do and using that for a beautiful cause was very heartwarming.”

The soccer team in the iconic color pink after the game.

For most students, the annual Kick for the Cure and Volley for the Cure events aren’t just another game. It’s more than just wearing pink – this cause holds greater meaning to these athletes. Bryce Zenni, a senior varsity soccer player, explained what this experience meant to him and his teammates. Last year Bryce had striking news that his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. This personal connection meant that last year’s and this year’s games meant more than most – they meant the world to him. Batavia Soccer lost by one during this outing, but in Bryce’s mind it didn’t matter: he wasn’t playing for the score, he (and the rest of the team as well) was playing for his mother. “It was amazing to have my soccer family to be playing for my real family. It meant a lot,” Zenni said. “To be on a team like that is just so beautiful to have people so caring.” This year Bryce’s mom is cancer free and is living life, and the team wants to pass that hope along to others. Kick for the Cure and Volley for the Cure have always had a huge impact on Bryce’s life and the lives of many other Batavia students and the event continues to be a source of good for those facing the struggle of cancer.