How Are Batavia High School Students Adjusting to In-Person Education?

Stanley Smith, Publishing Team

How Are Batavia High School Students Adjusting to In-Person Education?

Considering the dramatic changes in the learning environment Batavia high school students suffered last year due to the coronavirus, I was curious to learn more about how these students have been affected by the reintegration process, and if there are lessons we could learn from what has been deemed the lost year.

Most importantly, how do students feel about returning to in-person education? From what I’ve observed, many students appear to be enjoying being back in school.  One testament to this comes from Shyanne Wright, who is a senior. When I asked her, given the choice between online and in-person learning, she said, “Yeah, I would choose to go back in person”.

This fascinated me because online courses, at face value, appear to be far easier. So, when I asked her why she felt this way she said, “I didn’t have anyone to teach me online.” Many accounts mirror Ms. Wright’s opinions on the matter.

This is one of those instances where 2020 has taught us a useful lesson. Many students have difficulty holding themselves accountable for completing assignments when there isn’t a threat of punishment. Considering that many students, myself included, will soon be adults, this issue is even more pressing. Since this is a fitting analogy for what high schoolers will experience as adults, it is essential for high schools to try and improve this for future generations.