Batavia Elementary Gas Leak

Makayla Beckley, Video

The first day of school is always a little confusing and hard. Imagine having a gas leak on top of it. For Batavia Elementary, this was the reality of their first day.

At 3:15, the fire alarm went off. According to kindergarten teacher Mrs. Beckley, she initially thought it was just a normal drill. Drills are common at schools to help the students learn and be prepared for a real event. This turned out to be real.
Mrs. Beckley recalled the event saying, “I immediately thought it was just a practice one. Then I smelled a gas-like smell when I was lining up my students. It grew stronger as we exited the classroom.”

The students were scared at first; many were confused about what was going on. They had to keep walking around the side of the school. They had to keep moving so the firemen would have room to get in and take care of the situation. Every class had to leave the building. It took a while to completely get outside. Once they were out, they discovered it wasn’t a drill.

Mrs. Beckley says this is the first time something like this has happened at the new elementary school. Usually, they have drills to help prepare students for problems like this. “This might be the first time something like this has happened. It was scary at first.” says Mrs. Beckley.
It took children that rode the bus a while to get home due to the gas leak. The cause for the leak hasn’t been officially determined. School officials fixed the leak, determined there were no safety concerns, and students returned to school the next day.