Seniors look to make ends meet as college looms


With college around the corner, many Seniors wrestle with the costs. Image by Lexi Scales for Batavia Beat.

Aydin Roth, Writer, Equipment Team

Now that summer has arrived, many view it as a chance to relax a little before going away and exploring the “real world,” but anxiety over college plans and the costs that go with them doesn’t vanish with the Spring.

Some seniors get a summer job and work overtime or even pick up a second job, while others are fortunate enough to be able to kick back, relax, and act like a high schooler one last time. One thing is true for all college-bound seniors: as they finish up the school year and consider their intentions for college, they need to make a plan to handle the cost and challenges.

Universities can be a terrifying change for young adults who have only had a little taste of what life is like during their High School years. Some stay home for college and others choose to go to a different state altogether. Plus, there are a few things that can get in the way.

There is a lot for outgoing seniors to prepare for when considering leaving home, from selecting housing to planning schedules. Batavia Senior Nathan DeFrank has already been working on squaring away the logistics for college. “So far I’ve got my room all set up in the dorms, also a friend and I have already chosen to be roommates,” DeFrank says.

However, sometimes the next step can be a big one when you’re mind is on the present. Koren Moore-Runck, a Senior at Batavia High School, has been focusing on doing her best at the current moment first. “I’ve had my hands so full with work and school, I haven’t even thought about where to begin going to University,” Moore-Runck said.

Balancing costs against future plans can be a huge challenge for students. While some students are fortunate enough to get grants and/or scholarships, and can just focus on their studies, other students are not so lucky. Lexi Scales, a Senior at Batavia, has even had second thoughts about her direction based on the high expense that comes with it. “I have thought about changing my major like 20 times just because of the costs!” Scales said.

An obstacle that many students will face is having to work full time while attending classes full time. This can affect a multitude of things like work, friends, family, and emotions. One Batavia Senior, who chose to remain anonymous, describes how work has complicated their school plans. “I work part-time at Kroger and part-time at a Landscaping place, and studies are definitely harder now with a job,” they reported.

College can place a financial burden on people attending and can cause seniors to feel like they have the pressure of needing a job. Most students at Batavia have a big life plan spread out in front of them, but what their summer plans hold and how they intend to meet those goals looks very different from student to student.