LuluLemon Alternatives Provide Low-Cost Spring Athletic Options

Affordable Athletic Wear for All


LuluLemon is one of those brands that has a very high price range, the company is well known for their leggings made for athliesure and also working out in. They have many different sizes to fit all body types and amazingly soft fabrics being called buttery soft nulu fabric and other materials making them a breathable and comfortable athletic brand.Although the company has good quality and material of clothing it is also known for being super expensive and not cost efficient to all people. 

The company is known for their leggings so I put together a list of companies that are dupes for LuluLemon leggings making it more affordable for people and also some that are better quality than LuluLemon.

Mono B

Once you buy something from this company you won’t be able to stop, the clothing is so soft and comfortable. The prices are also soooo good for the quality of the clothing. My personal favorite thing they sell is their leggings all of the leggings are double lined letting them never fall down while you are working out and also they are 100% squat proof not being seen through at all. If you are looking for a company with great quality and many different types of patterns and designs of leggings, sport bras, tshirt and many other clothing options I would go check them out. They can also be found at wholesales like boutiques being one of their most popular buyers.

The leggings price range is about $45.00+

Colorful Koala  

This brand can be found on Amazon and has the same material as LuluLemon leggings.The leggings also come in a huge variety of sizes and colors letting them be available for all different types of people to wear. The most popular is their High Waisted Yoga pants as they are legit the exact same as LuluLemon the only difference is the price tag and brand name. 

The leggings price range is about $29.99+


This Brand is a brand that is always head to head to LuluLemon, always trying to one up each other in the styles and designs made. Fabletics is known for their body hugging and booty lifting leggings making you feel super cozy and comfortable while working out giving you a boost of confidence. The company is filled with many different types of athletic clothing and also has a variety of day to day athleisure. Their leggings are super comfortable and body hugging making you feel secure while you work out. One more positive thing about this company is that they have many locations that you can shop in person for leggings and other workout clothing and also they have a monthly subscription to get new leggings every month with discounts. 

The leggings price range is starting at 2 for $24.00 as a VIP member or $40.00+ non VIP