What is anxiety, and what is it doing to me?


Koren Moore-Runck

Mental Health is a very important thing, and during a pandemic it is especially important. The pandemic has brought a rise into mental health and more people are experiencing anxiety. 

Anxiety is when the small part of your brain called the Amygdala ( stress response system), releases chemicals that send an emergency response message to your WHOLE entire body causing a false alarm and a confused panic.

Personally, I have discovered that I have anxiety and it has been a major set back in my life…not letting me live my life. It has been very scary at some points making me feel as I am going to pass out and it hard to breathe. But happily I can say I am working through it and finding options to help me work through it and learn about what is happening to my body and not to be scared.

One of my favorite ways to cope with my anxiety is meditation, it makes you control your breathing and listen to your body while you are in a stage of relaxation. Plugging in a diffuser with natural calming oils is one of my favorite things to do too. I usually do these at home when I can totally relax and reflect on my day.

When I am out in public and I am having a lot of anxiety or a panic attack I like to focus on my breathing, I have a couple of apps I use to help me get distracted and focus on the game rather than my anxiety attack. 

Since the pandemic has started there has been a major up rise with people being diagnosed with anxiety, or feeling like they have anxiety. If you are feeling this way the best thing to do is step up and get help or talk to someone. Doing this can give you a sense of relief that everything is going to be ok, you need to enjoy life and live life to the fullest with learning new strategies that can help you work on your anxiety and have a sense of calmness.