Friday Night Lights


Danielle Duffey, Editorial Team

Everyone knows that the Batavia VS Burg game is one of the most intense games of the year for both schools. We kick off every ball season with this game. With spirit week to get everyone riled up, with adrenaline pumping from our players as they practice and bust their backs for victory. Tension runs high and school spirit runs deep. I got the opportunity to have a very in depth and personal interview with Batavia’s senior Daniel Hellman #7 (safety) and Williamsburgs junior Teddy Conley #2 (slot and qb). They both have very detailed descriptions and emotions towards this specific game. 

When I got the chance to talk with Hellaman you can see the fierce drive and ambition that travels through this young man. Along with his love for football, Hellman has been a Batavia football player for a total of 11 years. That should show you folks that Hellman is a born and raised football man. With that being said Hellman has grown up in Batavia schools playing football and grew up alongside a lot of players. Just knowing this you know that the Batavia football team means a lot to him. As we go into depth the feeling of playing Burg this year both Hellman and Conley state that it was a lot different this year with not only the pandemic going on, but not having a full stadium of supporters. Either which way both boys show a love and passion for the game. With Burg winning last year this year was quite the highlight with getting the trophy back. 

Conley states that Burg works all summer to prepare for this specific game. Conley also states that they ¨keep tension high and our nose down leading up to the game¨. To every player and to every game there is a thought process, but not to Conley he states that there isn’t a thought process. He does state that ¨we dont worry about it too much and just focus on doing what we need to do to win¨. As we get prepared to play every year I asked Conley if Burg does anything special or specific to get ready. With just a simple answer it maily boils down to extra work, and ambition. Each school has all summer to prepare for it being their first game, Conley states that this first game is ¨what we have our minds set to¨. I want to give props to Conley for this specific line he gave me about the pregame. It’s very beneficial and it really shows he is one very thoughtful athlet. Conley stated ¨pregame is the biggest aspect of any football game, it really doesn’t matter how good you are if you aren’t in the right head space during warmups or on the bus, it definitely plays a huge role in the outcome of the game¨. I strongly believe both Batavia and Burg students can agree to the statement. 

Tension is a massive thing played between both sides. Both Hellman and Conley had similar statements about it. Hellman does state that ¨off the field it is nothing but respect, but on the field they are the enemy¨. One thing I can strongly stand by is Hellman is a very humble young man with a lot of characteristics and potential. We all know how much this game means to both teams. Burg wanting to keep the trophy and Batavia wanting to bring it back home. This year means a lot to so many Batavia students a majority of our football team is seniors and they wanted to end their high school career knowing they brought the rivalry trophy back to the dawg house. Hellman even stated ¨we knew we had to do it this game¨ with a followup statement being ¨we were ready, we prepared for this game  very well¨. Giving recognition to our coaches here at Batavia you give our bulldogs a lot to look forward to, pushing them to achieve and strive for greatness. You guys really show our dawgs there is no greater pleasure then getting a win! 

We're All Proud To Be A Bulldog

Pregame for our bulldog Hellman is special to him, from the coaches giving amazing speeches, hyping them up, everyone having energy, but for Hellman what makes his pregame special is he says a prayer. I can truly say Hellman is proud to be a bulldog as he states during the entire game he is honored and that it’s an honor to play in front of his family, the other parents, and students. Our senior bulldogs not only represent our former bulldogs but they are paving a road for our upcoming and underclassmen. To show how our athletes should and shouldn’t act. Be humble, strive for greatness, and build a bond with your teammates. Hellman refers to his team as his ¨brothers¨ and that he loves every single one of them, that’s what every athlete should do. You should have a strong bond with all your teammates, you have their back, they have yours. That’s how you portray amazing sportsmanship. Hellman was pretty riled up and had butterflies till the first hit, then it was game on with the heart and will to win. When the buzzer went off and the players went wild Hellman ran to retrieve the trophy and bring it back over to his brothers. Hellman couldn’t even put into words how this game felt but he can state it was an honor to bring the trophy back home to the dawg house. 

Dawgs Bringing The Trophy Back Home

 A lot of time, energy, dedication, blood, sweat, and tears go into this, to this game, to this team, to this community. To our boys of fall and for our dawg house. I know one thing, I sure am proud to be a bulldog and I am extremely proud that I have such amazing classmates that can remain humble, dedicated, and show perseverance!