Learning more about Contact Tracing and how it is effecting the students at Batavia High School.

Contact Tracing At BHS


Lexi Scales

This 2020-2021 school year is obviously so much different than past years, due to COVID-19 Batavia High School has taken the procedures in our own hands. Wonder why our desks are all so spread out? Why we all have to go one way in the halls? Why we even have special assigned seats in the cafeteria as high school students? All due to the beloved Contact Tracing! It all holds a purpose because the district is trying to keep all Batavia students healthy and clean and away from the Coronavirus. 

If one student gets the virus there are so many steps that need to be taken. Due to CDC guidelines there are 4 steps to contact tracing. The first step is reporting which student had the virus then who had been exposed to said student. After each student who had exposure has to get tested then self quarantine for 14 days. Once you are quarantining you have to be medically monitored by taking your temperature and report any symptoms you may have been facing during your isolation. The last step is “Contract Close Out” which states those who have the least symptoms can be released from quarantined and the ones who have symptoms but tested negative have to take deep measures and maybe retest if the symptoms do not improve. 

There were many cases this year and many students were upset they had to self quarantine because they were not experiencing any symptoms. Senior Caleb Stewart has been quarantined 3 times this school year already, and he had some thoughts on it. “It really interfered with football and my learning, it was my senior night and I had to miss out on it.” Stewart said.