The Final Night on the Home Field

Football, Cheerleading Celebrate Class of 2021 Season


Koren Moore-Runck

On Friday October 2nd the Batavia High School held a night to recognize the senior players at their last home game vs Western Brown

The night started off with the families of the seniors hanging up their posters to show their participation from BYF and ending as Senior in high-school .The seniors and their families got to walk across the field together arm and arm, while they were walking each name of the senior was presented and what they want to do in there future plans. It was very interesting to hear all the different types of careers and future plans each person had.

It was a very eventful evening honoring each of the seniors and making memories that they will have by cheering and playing football on the field for the last time. Even though we did not win the game the boys still gave their all.

Many photos were taken that night by our Batavia Sports Photographer Mike Turner, a special thank you to him from all the senior players and their  families for taking photos of the evening they can have to remember senior night.

If you would like to check out the photos taken that night here is the link!