BHS Boys Soccer Plays Western Brown

Abby Jayne Huhn, Video Team Leader

Batavia High School boys soccer game went home with a loss again. On September 10, 2020 a home game against Western Brown was an unfair game. The game was 0-1. Many players from the Batavia team were disappointed in how the game played out but that won’t stop them from trying harder and harder as their season progresses.


Some of the players didn’t feel that the game went as well as they hoped it would have. “I think that we played pretty bad over all.” Jason Hendershot, sophomore and left-mid for junior varsity said. 

But not all the comments were as critical as others. “We could have done a lot better. I think we woke up in the last 17 minutes.” Sophomore, Owen Boone, varsity player said.

And others thought the game could have been called better by the refs. “It was stolen from us, it should have been a tie.” Daniel Broussard Junior defensive player said.


A lot of the boys had the same answer for when we asked what their biggest fear this year was. “Getting scored on over and over again.” Jack Garrison, freshman and defender for junior varsity.


Owen Boone also had said something that I was not expecting to hear. “This is my first year playing soccer in probably about six years, I started playing, stopped and my friend Wyatt decided like, ‘Yo, should try it out’…” And when we asked him what his goal was this year, no one else answered the same. “To prove that I belong on Varsity… I think I should be here, I want to be here.”