Bringing Show Business All The Way Back Home



Casey Shelton (Producer) with Zac Efron (Actor)

Miranda Holmes, Editorial Team

I had the opportunity to sit down with Casey Shelton. A producer of a hit movie filmed in our hometown of Batavia, Ohio. 


Casey also happens to be my uncle, so getting in touch wasn’t hard. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile was filmed in 2018 and then made its debut on Netflix in 2019. 


The movie had gotten lot’s of recognition for its cast and its overall plot. Zac Efron portraying Ted Bundy whom is one of the most well known and famous serial killers in the world. 


Upon interviewing my uncle, I asked him what made producers and cast pick Batavia of all places in the world to film, especially with big name celebrities. 


“The town has history, you know? Everywhere you go there is some piece of history or some story behind every building or place.” said Casey. 


“What buildings around Batavia did you actually end up using?” 


“We were obviously at the Clermont County Jail and we also went to the courthouse in the center of Batavia as well.” 


In the process of filming Casey had the opportunity to meet with Efron and say that he was not as snobby as some in the show business. 


“The whole experience was pretty great. Everyone felt like family, and Zac even took it upon himself to do things for my family.”


Those things such as signing an autograph given to myself and even raised money within the movie community to begin a fund for my at the time newborn cousins college account. 


Batavia finally gets the recognition it somehow deserves and the critics and movie watchers get an excellent production.