Madden NFL 20 Review

Stephen Dunn

Released August 2nd, 2019, Madden 20 came to the market on XBOX 1. PS4, and Microsoft windows featuring this year cover athlete Patrick Mahomes.


Following the Broken and glitchy Madden 19, Madden 20 fixed some of the issues in this year’s game. Madden 20 has also brought back the pro bowl. Superstar X-factors were also added in this year’s game. Superstar X-factors are what separates a decent player from a great player by giving the player realistic abilities they are known for in real life.


Madden also added “Face of the Franchise” similar to the longshot mode in the last 2 maddens but with a different story. Your character you created has to be a QB. The story starts out at a press conference where you pick the college you want to go to. You then play a couple of games in college, then there’s the combine you participate and based on how well you performed you will either get drafted high or low.  Finally the cutscenes are over with and you just play NFL games for the rest of your career.


The last new mode Madden added was Superstar Knockout. Superstar  a game mode that combines Superstar X-Factors, custom rules, and unique teams with celebrities that can be the coach of your team such as DJ Khalid. Superstar K.O. also added a new unique stadium and commentary style to provide a brand-new play experience you can’t get from any other mode.


EA “The developer of Madden” did not really make any new or massive changes to the modes Ultimate Team, or Franchise.


Personally I think anyone who likes football will mildly enjoy what madden has to offer. The graphics have improved since last year’s game, so has the depth of players and their stats with the help of the Superstar X-factor abilities. The greatest thing I can say about this year’s game is It’s a step in the right direction for the madden franchise.


One of the biggest downfalls of madden this year is there overall lack of depth in all modes. After college in “face of the franchise” There are no more cutscenes at all. To make matters worse they did not add anything to the mode `Franchise”. Last but not least The last problem that I and many others have is the fact that EA again abuses the power with Microtransactions. “Microtransactions are a very small financial transaction conducted online”. 

If I had to Give Madden a rating on a scale of 1-10, 10 being great I would give it a solid 6. I felt like EA could have done better but me summing the game up by saying the game is a step in the right direction is just perfect.