Baseball 2020


New field for new opportunities

Danielle Duffey

With the 2020 ball season rapidly approaching and both baseball and softball coaches figure out rosters, schedules. I sat down for an exclusive interview with Batavia’s baseball coach Geoff Carter to talk about the upcoming season. Coach Carter has taken part in the Batavia high school athletics for the past ten years, and a world history teacher for the past nine years.

Head varsity coach Geoff Carter

As the interview started I thought it would be a great idea to ask about the previous baseball season, just the basic high and low parts of the entire season. Coach Carter states that the team started out kind of slow with a really young team, but then states by the end of the season they found themselves with a winning record. Coach Carter describes the season as a “learning process to find out who plays where, with the help of 4 really great seniors.” As we go into the lows of the previous season coach Carter talks about the sectional tournament game against Clinton Massie. The bulldogs really thought they would do well and win the game, but coach Carter states they didn’t “show out, it was kind of a dead game”. Over all the bulldogs ended their previous seasons being 13-7 which is a pretty good season. As well as the rest of Batavia athletics in the SBC American league. The bulldogs will also go against schools such as; Clinton Massie, Goshen, Bethel, Western Brown, and many others. Coach carter then states that almost all of those schools lost important players like pitchers, and Batavia didn’t really lose any key players. Coach Carter also states “that this season is time to actually be back on top of the league.” 

As everyone in the bulldog community knows we never fail to show our bulldog pride especially when it’s against our rival Williamsburg. Coach Carter then discussed how the bulldogs play Williamsburg every year for the dogs senior night. Coach Carter then states that in the 10 years he’s coached the bulldogs they haven’t had a loss against Burg. As we move forward Coach carter then talks about how its always been a “good game” against the wildcats and he also states there has been “close games” against them. Last season Coach Carter talks about how the bulldogs couldn’t go against burg for the first time because of weather and the games being rained out.  

A new field, a new season, new teammates, all in all coach Carter shows enthusiasm for the upcoming season. As the bulldogs prepare for the season with conditioning and open field coach carter states “we couldn’t have done this if it wasn’t for the new field because of how much it rains.” The turf fields bring so much to the table for the team’s potential and preparation. Coach Carter then talks about what he’s seen throughout the time the bulldogs have conditioned, and then states “I definitely see a winning season”. Coach Carter then states he hopes to be where the dogs used to be with the league championships and advancing in the tournaments. 

Coach Carter then talks about the upcoming season with the statement of having 18 home games and 8 away games, with that being said coach carter calls this and  ́ ‘advantage”. New season calls for new players whether it’s a new freshman player or someone from another grade within the high school. Overall coach Carter has very high hopes for the upcoming season. Coach carter then talks about his now sophomore players with “having a year under their belts” and the upperclassmen that have been playing that they have a very strong team. Even though they lost 4 very good batters from this past year’s graduating class. Coach carter then states he believes they’ve gotten better and he states “the rest of the league is coming back to the pack”. 

Education is a major role in every student’s life especially if you plan to play any sport through school. Coach Carter talks about education being first before sports and then talks about keeping grades above a ‘C’. coach carter then states “we have a policy where if you wish to try out and have an ‘F’ you won’t make it”. This just goes to show grades do matter if you wish to do anything within the schools athletic program. With this being said being a current history teacher coach Carter has time to really get to know his students. He’s with them in the same place for eight hours and sees them throughout the day whether it’s in class or in the hallways. Coach carter talks about how he drives them to have good grades and he states it is “so much easier to know grades, keep tabs on them, and get to know them”. Overall the hopes are high for this upcoming 2020 baseball season. Don’t forget to come out to some games to show your bulldog pride and support our athletes.