Stephen Dunn

The XFL is back and better than ever!  The XFL made its first appearance for the first time in 19 years with different teams and different rules.


The XFL was first founded in 1999 By Vince Mcmahon’s but two years later in 2001 The XFL hosted its first game. The XFL received about 14 million outstanding views on opening day. Unfortunately with each and every game after opening day the views dropped and The XFL only lasted for one season.


However on January 25, 2018, Alpha entertainment announced the full return of the XFL. The first game of the XFL was played this past Saturday when The Seattle Dragons faced off against the DC defenders on the channels ABC and NBC which brought in approximately 3.30 million viewers to tune in to the first game of the season.


Will the XFL stick around for more than a season, were not sure but however we do know that the XFL started strong right out of the gate.


Are there any new rules you might ask?  The answer is yes! Instead of nicknames on the back of jerseys it will be the players last names like it is in the NFL. For another example after a team scores a touchdown they can put up the extra point, two point conversion and an additional 3 point conversion. There’s also other newly added rules as well.


 We asked a student from Batavia Highschool “Tyler Shouse” a couple of questions. “What do you think of the XFL currently? ” Tyler said “The games start of very boring but slowly gets better”, Sounding confident. “Do you see any potential in the XFL” Tyler said fast “depends”

The last question I asked was how long would the XFL last and to my surprise he said “as long as the AFL”  Which the AFL only lasted a season.