Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Review

Sophie Fauris

As the last movie in the saga, it has had a lot of mixed reviews on it. With excellent acting, but not the most amazing story line. People have said that it was the most imperfect ending for the Skywalker series. And I agree. In my opinion it was the best within the trilogy and I really enjoyed the whole storyline. In the movie, you see the continuation of Rey’s journey to become a true Jedi, and as she does just that. She is interrupted to go on a mission to thwart Emperor Palpatine before he can raise the first order, and turn Ben Solo to the dark side for good. Yes, I did find that it was rushed in some parts. But the emotions the actors were able to bring to the table was incredible. And the talent in the movie was insane. Adam Driver, who plays Ben Solo, also known as Kylo Ren, to me stole the show. With Drivers amazing talent, and the constant fight between the dark side, and his title as Kylo Ren. Or the light side, where he is Ben Solo. It was portrayed beautifully and impressively. The chemistry between Drive, and Daisy Ridley (Rey), fit the whole movie so well. And made the end hit ten times better. With the whole fight to who will get who to switch sides, a large bomb was dropped about Rey’s family history. And the audience discovers that she is truly a Palpatine. To me, it wasn’t even expected to see that happened made me interested and left me wanting more of a backstory to Rey’s parents and want holes from previous films to be filled with this discovery. But all in all to me the movie was very good, and a very fitting end to the trilogy. The ending, like in all movies was the best part. And left you wanting more, but also feeling content with what you were given.