Remembering The Game


Cole Decker

Four years of hard work and dedication to the same game can be stressful,time consuming,disappointment and pain,but can also be filled with family,winning,hardwork and pride.I talked to Noah Patel about how he is feeling about his soccer career with Batavia High school.

I asked Patel What he’s feeling now that soccer is finally, Patel said “I’m not in a word sad,but I am sad that I will not be able to play with my family anymore(His soccer teammates). I then asked him what was he going to miss the most about soccer at batavia,”Again I will miss and forever miss the guys I have played with,we have been playing together for 8 years now” Patel said. Patel then went on to say “soccer taught me how to do life and that is too also play hard and never give up,I will always remember my times as a bulldog soccer player,and I hope to one day to come back together with these great men,I call family and play another game with then.


Talking with Patel made me realise that sports are more than just about the sports,it’s about never giving up and everything,and that family is the most important thing in life.