Virginia Gun Laws

Hannah Noland

Back in December of 2019 news blew up that the State of Virginia had been battling with the fact that their governor has decided to outlaw guns in the state, due to presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg investing millions to change the seats for the state in the Senate and House of delegates of Virginia to democratic during the 2019 elections, making it easy for them to strip gun rights and people’s second amendment away, causing panic and anger to overwhelm many, but when everything gets blown out of proportion, it’s hard to tell what is actually going on. 

Virginia decided to pass the “Red Flag” gun law temporarily, so there was a gun rally. It was on January 20th of this year, and its referred to as “Lobby Day.” It was a peaceful gun rally, no one was hurt and everything went smoothly outside the state’s capital. Thousands of people gathered with their guns and flags and stuff, and thousands spoke about the second amendment and their right to utilize it.

Everyone was extremely surprised of how peacefully it went, seeing how it’s a gun rally, but that’s what it was supposed to be. People just wanted the state to know they have their right and they want the ability to use it. 

Now, when people say they’re trying to “take away the guns,” they aren’t taking all the guns. This law will be taking assault weapons, silencers, and dangerous weapons. Not only that, but it will be required to have a background check before you can purchase a gun, and not only that, but your guns can be taken if a court decides that you’re dangerous and might cause harm to yourself or others using the gun. But, with that people might abuse that power. Even if you aren’t committing a crime with the gun, if a civil complaint is filed than the police can come and have someone take the gun away. 

There’s news updates about this coming out every day with new information, and the whole thing is far from over, even if the red flag gun law has already passed temporarily.