Winter Clothing Drive

Batavia High School

Winter Clothing Drive

Emily Sears

When asking Mrs. Gadbury about what inspired her to start a clothing drive she simply stated that she “saw how many students at Batavia were in need”, and that she wanted to help. 

She said that few kids have come forward themselves and that she usually has to “initiate the conversation” of giving kids the warm winter clothes that they need. She also said how in a high school setting that she didn’t expect many kids to come forward either. She thinks that not a ton of students are coming forward because of their pride. 

A few challenges that the clothing drive has had is lack of space, there are a lot of clothes there ready to be taken by students, but little space to put them. Another challenge she said was privacy and that she wants a nice private place that the students could go and pick out the clothes in peace without fear of being judged or ridiculed by their peers. She said that she has seen some of the students walk out in the warmer clothes that they had picked out. And stated that she thinks it makes them feel better to be in clothes that they like and are also warm, and not just the clothes they have because it’s all they have. 

Mrs. Gadbury says how she will be continuing the clothing drive in more winters to come and that the administration has been pretty helpful. Saying that they bought a rack for all of the clothes for the clothing drive and she thinks that they like it.