Rivalry Runs Deep


Jaelyn McKinney

For so many years everyone apart of the bulldog community knows the deep rivalry against the Williamsburg WildCats. any sport played against the wildcats everyone knows there will be a mass amount of tension between the coaches, players, and the audience. During all seasons of basketball, softball, and football, the Williamsburg Wild cats always put up a good fight towards winning against us Batavia Bulldogs. Since the start, both schools have always brought an intense fight to the table. No matter the game whether it’s Basketball, Softball, or Football, our community and WHS community joins around for a hopeful victory for BHS. 

Batavia High School and the community around our school has so much support and love for our athletes. Since the beginning when the school was available for students, the rivalry against Burg has always been an intense conflicted game that rages each team and community who watches.

There has always been tension and conflict, and even personal attacks against the communities. 

With such a close location, the rivalry may never end, but as long as both teams give it their all and fight into each and every game, the legacy and honor will live on. 

On the 28th of January, 2020, another rivalry game began. With the start of the game it grew very close, but only a few minutes into the game, the Bulldogs started to take over and the ending score didn’t surprise many. 57- Bulldogs 27- Wildcats. In addition to the previous statement, there is high tension between both teams no matter what team ends up winning. No matter what our bulldogs never fail to show their pride, win or lose. All in all both schools both schools have very good athletic capabilities.