2020 Baseball – New year, New Hopes

2020 Baseball - New year, New Hopes

Nathan Combs

The 2020 baseball season is approaching and fast with new players and new expectations. The freshman players have gotten a few looks at what highschool ball is like and are starting to get a feel. Both coaches and players are both very excited to get back on the field and the new one at that.

As we start getting closer to spring the 2020 baseball season is starting to approach and the batavia baseball players and fans could not be more exciting as this season has a lot to offer. To start off the players will not be playing on the same field as last year, this year the school was able to provide the baseball team with a turf field that many of the players are excited about. It will be a fresh start for some of the players and the coach. 

Something else this season has to offer is the change of players as the freshman class rolls in they will have their chance to put forth their skills and try out for the upcoming season. They will also have the chance to see how some of the upperclassmen play and get an idea of how highschool ball is played and to maybe get some helpful tips from some seniors that have been around for a while.

Batavia baseball fans and players get ready because there is a lot to be excited about as the 2020 baseball season rolls around, ranging from a new field to new players batavia certainly has something to look forward to in the spring.