Softball With Reaker


A sneak peek to the new softball field.

Danielle Duffey

With the 2020 softball season rapidly approaching, a new field to play on, new teammates joining, and a brand new coach I sat down for an all out exclusive interview with Batavia High Schools new varsity softball coach Jim Reaker to discuss the upcoming season. Being a former softball coach for the New Richmond Lions, coach Reaker shines some light on our fellow lady bulldogs. With that being said you can tell throughout the interview coach Reaker has very high hopes and expectations for our lady dogs. One question I asked before the interview even started was if he was excited to be apart of the bulldog community and with a very quick reply coach Reaker stated he was indeed “excited to be here.” 


Coach Reaker showed enthusiasm throughout the entire interview. In addition to the following statement made by Reaker about being “excited to be here” he also states “it’s a new place, with a great facility.” Only being less than a month away from tryouts coach Reaker states “the girls I’ve met during open field and a little bit of pitching in the evenings seem to be really excited.” With sports being such a massive thing in the bulldog cumminity between football, baseball and all other sports the bulldogs are never scared to show their bulldog pride. Coach Reaker expresses “this school can have a very good softball program to go along with the really nice field that is now completed.” 


Being apart of the Lions community for 35 years knowing where everything was, and who everyone was, coach Reaker states the transition was really different. Not knowing anyone besides the former coach Scott Donaldson, and only talking to him briefly at games was rather odd. Reaker then states everyday he learns something new about the school, and it’s rather exciting. One thing he’s been focusing on is all the softball girls, who they are, what position they play, their experience on the field. On a daily basis he feels like he’s progressing more and more. Coach Reaker also describes it as a “learning curve” for both him and the girls. Overall, coach Reaker wants nothing but the best for the girls and the team. 


Coach Coach Reaker states his expectations will still remain the same for the lady dogs. Also stating “softball and all sports is just an extension of the education process.” One thing coach 

A sneak peek to the new softball field.

Reaker is very strong willed about is education and the education of his players. He also adds that being a good member of not only your school community but just a good member of the entire community is a big thing. To add to the previous statement he hopes to get the lady dogs to do some community service work. 


Supporting players a major factor in any sport. You need support from your coaches, your community and above all your teammates. Coach Reaker expressed support is a “key” thing to him. He also adds “everybody is different, but learning how to get along with each other.” Reacker then adds to the previous statement saying “thats the real world application of athletics.” 


With the 2020 softball season rapidly approaching everyone wonders how the lady dogs will do. With that being said coach Reaker shines light onto everyone hope for the upcoming season with the statement of there being “a lot of potential, raw skills, and very athletic girls.” As the season approaches coach Reaker also adds the league Batavia participates in which is SBC is filled with very good schools including; New Richmond, Western Brown, Clinton Massie, Wilmington, Goshen, and others. In addition to that coach Reaker states “it will be challenging they all are very good teams, but that is one of the reasons I took the job, because I like challenges.”


Coach Reaker also encourages all of his athletes to do better because there is always room for improvement. Reaker states “there is always someone better than you, you can always get better even when you think your the best.” One thing you can pinpoint about coach Reaker is he wants the best things possible for all of his athletes and he wants the best for the team. He sees the potential and the mass amount of talent our lady dogs bring to the table. 


Overall the upcoming 2020 season looks to have a very bright start with a new field, and coach. This season holds many new challenges, potential,  and excitement from not only the coaches but the players.