The Future is NOW


Miranda Holmes

Starting your future could be scary for some graduating seniors. Let’s take a deeper dive into the lives of the students at Batavia High School as they begin to exit their senior year and enter into adulthood. 


I had the opportunity to sit down with Kirsten Hall a Batavia High School Senior, who is a representative student for the class of 2020.


I asked Kirsten what her future ambitions were and got quite the answer. “To become a Pediatric Oncologist” – Kirsten Hall. 


Following college, Kirsten hopes to become a doctor and work at Children’s Hospital here in Cincinnati or St. Jude in Tennessee.


Kirsten has decided to continue her career at Thomas More College and get her BSN (bachelor of science and nursing) degree.


She stated that she can’t wait to prove herself to those who have doubted her and feel the success that she has been waiting for. 


We wish Kirsten goodluck on the path to her future and what it holds for her.