New Head Football Coach

Dawgs New Era

New Head Football Coach

Koren Moore-Runck

Batavia Local Schools has gained a new member and encouraging person to our community. The BHS football team has gained a new Head Football coach. Nick Schmidt a former defensive coach for Anderson High School.

We want to welcome Nick to our community and our Bulldog family. We are excited to see the new era and growth of our football team. We hope to see a positive change in the athletic program, and the team having  better “team work” on and off the field.

Over the years Nick Schmidt has been the head defense coordinator at Anderson High School, I gotta get some insight on how one of the former AHS players felt about their coach. Tanner Shirley has had Schmidt as a coach since freshman year. I asked Shirley how he felt about coach Schmidt. 

Coach Schmidt is an outstanding coach and teacher. He is an aggressive play caller who has full faith in his players abilities and potential to make plays. He has a great attitude and always strives to get the best out of every player that he coaches. Whether it’s in the classroom or on the field, he cares for his students and players as if they were his own.” says Shirley. 

It has only been a week or so since Coach Schmidt has been given the position as head football coach, he is already making changes to the football program. The football players are now working out every morning from 6-7 am.He also on January 20th had an opportunity for the community and  kids 7th-11th grade to participate in off season games. These are just the small steps he has taken so far to create a better football program for BHS, and a better connection with the community.

We are excited to see the hard work and determination the coach is bringing to BHS. We welcome Nick Schmidt and the new era he is starting for Bulldog Football.