“Good Boys” is it worth seeing?


Stephen Dunn

One of the producers of the movie Good Boys is a big name actor named Seth Rogen. It’s Obviously a Comedy mixed with a fun adventure. Good Boys was released in the U.S. on August 16 2019. “Good Boys” is also a rated R movie. The movie was rated a 79 on Rotten Tomatoes.

Invited to his first kissing party, 12-year-old Max asks his best friends Lucas and Thor for some much-needed help on how to pucker up for the party. When they hit a dead end, Max decides to use his father’s drone to spy on the 2 teenage girls next door. When the boys lose the drone, they skip school and create a plan to retrieve it before Max’s dad can figure out what happened.

The actor who played as Max the main character’s name is Jacob Trembley. Jacob Trembley is a Canadian actor who played in his breakout movie Room

What makes the movie so funny is the fact that the movie is so accurate about young middle schooler’s and their personalities. However there are many explicit parts in the movie, but the explicit parts only makes it more hilarious. On the other hand, the movie does teach a valuable lesson about friendship.

Whenever you come across a movie that has Seth Rogen in it you’re in for a treat. Let’s not forget that Seth rogen plays in movies such as “Sausage Party”, “Pineapple Express”, and other movies.Those movies all have something in common, That all those movies are explicit or have explicit scenes. Therefore I would recommend “Good Boys” to people who have a decent sense of humor and people who are mature.

I asked Cooper Heslin a couple of interesting questions about the movie “Good Boys”, this is what his answers to these questions.

Do you like comedies, “yep”  said Cooper. After reading the description I also asked him “What would you expect from the movie” Cooper answered a bit hesitant “It could be Okay” I asked him what he thought of Seth rogen, Cooper excitedly exclaimed “ I  love Seth Rogen”. My last question was would you recommend this movie to a friend. “Sure” Cooper said.