Senior Advice to Make it Through High School


Tiffani Burke

The school year is going by fast at Batavia High School and the seniors are ready to take off. As a freshmen I talked to senior and she shared some things about making the school year positive and what you should and should not do throughout High School, the most important thing Emily Sears wanted to achieve was “making it through high school” and now as a senior she has reached her goal.

“When I was a freshman I didn’t think that I would be able to make it through high school because I barely passed my freshmen year, but I did and that’s how I am here now” says Sears. 

 As a freshman just beginning my 4 year journey of High school some advice that Sears stated is going to help me in looking forward through the next couple years and the hard work and not giving up I am going to have to do. As for right now some advice I would give is anyone trying to make it through high school is just to get good grades and don’t get in trouble, focus on what can make you achieve and not drama and other things that may distract you from being you best you.