El Camino Review


Nathaniel Larios


Vince gilligan strikes the world with his amazing creations once again. From “Breaking Bad” to “ Better Call Saul” we now see his newest adaptation of this story to answer some of our questions and give us some new ones. El Camino reunite us with former partner of Walter White, Jesse Pinkman. Fans have been wondering what happened to Jesse at the end of breaking bad since it came to its conclusion in 2013. Does El Camino leave fans and critics satisfied or does it ruin a story that was better left up to the imagination. In my opinion the answer is clear. 

To understand El Camino you’re gonna wanna be familiar with “Breaking Bad”, in my opinion, you need to be a fan. Breaking Bad did a wonderful job of building up Jesse Pinkman, He had many arcs in his story that morphed him into the way he is in El Camino. Jesse at the start of Breaking Bad was a rebel young adult who was selling drugs locally for a little extra cash. At the end of Breaking Bad, Jesse was responsible for the biggest drug trade in American history. His morals and beliefs have been completely destroyed from what they used to be. Jesse has been a subject of torture, betrealy, and forced to watch as his choices get the ones Jesse loves most killed. 

Jesse at the end of the show was being tortured for trying to turn in his former partner Walter White. Walter White later frees Jesse from his months upon months of captivity.Walter White kills everyone and lets Jesse go. Jesse leaves the scene in an El Camino, The scene of Jesse driving away was a masterpiece of film. Aaron Paul’s acting in this scene shows that he really deserved to earn an Emmy.  

El camino starts right where Breaking Bad ends, We see Jesse driving off but then pulling off the road as what seems to be endless police cars race to where Jesse and Walter White were minutes ago. This scene is a nice touch since the cops are heading to find Walter Whites dead body, Where Breaking Bad ended. 

Jesse turns to old friends in a state of desperation and defeat. The people he turned to are Badger and Skinny Pete, Jesses old friends when he was nothing more than a neighborhood drug dealer. The scene of badger and skinny Pete taking care of Jesse and the amount of shock they have is memorizing. The acting is fonomanal, I never questioned that these were childhood friends, The love they have for Jesse is visible by the naked eye. Jesse after cleaning up, says he needs to leave since the cops are after him so badger and skinny Pete make the sacrifice of staying behind with the El Camino the cops are looking for while Jesse takes their car. The scene is powerful as we see Jesse unsure of his future says goodbye, although unsure you can clearly see he knows this is the last time he will see his childhood friends.

Alot happens with Jesse in this movie, and all of it plays a massive role. There were so many scenes that are absolutely necessary to the story and to emphasize just how this character has changed. Jesse is no longer Jesse, He is a different person from the experiences he was involved in. 

The general summary of the movie is he needs to find money so he can have his identity changed and moved to a remote part of the country. We see Jesse do anything he can to get this cash since he knows if he doesn’t he will spend the rest of his life in jail. Jesse lies, cheats, and kills for this money. This is out of character for him since he couldn’t even watch someone be killed and now he is doing the killing. 

After Jesse gets the money he is transported to a different state and is given a new identity. This completes the change that Jesse has gone through in El Camino and Breaking Bad, he has been changing although out these stories and now he has a new life to complete this change. We see Jesse give the man who transported him money to give to someone. The person was his girlfriend’s son, The people who tortured Jesse took him to his girlfriend’s house and killed her in front of him. Since then Jesse has spent his captivity in a state of cripping regret for his actions and this was his way of showing his guilt. 

El Camino ends the same way it started, Jesse driving off. This time instead of screaming in a mixed state of brokenness and hope he is smiling with hope. We see Jesse turn to the passenger seat, In the passenger seat sits his old girlfriend, the girl Jesse loved and knew was for him. Jesse was learning to be a better person because of her, but she died because of Walter White. If she didn’t die then Jesse would have never ended up in these situations. 

  I would highly recommend this movie to any breaking bad fan. This movie isn’t a masterpiece but it doesnt need to be. It works more as a two hour breaking bad extra, which is exactly what it is. It gives us the conclusion we never had and in my opinion did a great job at it..